A comprehensive course designed to fulfill the certification needs of a wide variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, technicians, EMTs, CNAs, as well as those enrolled for a healthcare career. Topics include:  CPR techniques for patients age newborn through adult; AED use for patients of all ages; two rescuer CPR/AED use; rescue breathing with use of a mask, BVM system, with and without advanced airway; choking relief for all ages.  In addition, for those healthcare providers that have a requirement or need, this course includes basic first aid techniques such as: how to assess and treat injuries and medical or environmental emergencies until professional help arrives.  Skills focus on keeping the rescuer safe, while providing life-saving assistance to the patient in a variety of scenarios.  Students learn proper techniques to use when treating internal or external bleeding; dealing with anaphylactic shock; managing bone and joint injuries; burn care; recognizing symptoms of heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergencies and more. (Members of the general public may also take this course if there is a need other than listed as above.)  Upon successful course completion, students receive both an AHA certification card for BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR/AED and an AHA Heartsaver (basic) First Aid card. Both are valid for two years.

Cost: $100.00