Q: If I do NOT want to take a full class, can I challenge somehow and still receive a card?

A: If you are renewing your certification, and your card is CURRENT (has not yet expired), you have the option to do a skills test with us to obtain your card. HOWEVER, you must FIRST take an online course which can be found on the American Heart Association’s website for online learning, www.onlineaha.org. Be sure to print your certificate of completion from the online course as you will need to submit your certificate to the instructor before your skills test.

Note: The AHA does have a fee that you must pay to do this option, as well as our fee for the skills test.

Q: Where do I go to complete the AHA online course; and how do I proceed?

A: Go to the American Heart Association’s website for online learning, www.onlineaha.org. Under the “Courses” tab, select your appropriate discipline and make the payment for the online course. Be sure to print your certificate of completion as you will need to submit this to the instructor before your skills evaluation. Upon successful completion of your skills evaluation, you will receive the appropriate American Heart Association certification card.

Please note that we must collect a certificate of completion before you can receive your certification card.

Q: Do I need to purchase a book for my course?

A: No. Books are optional but strongly encouraged! We have them available for purchase on our website as well as at the course location. Course books start at $15.00.

Q: Do I need to bring my old card or anything with me to class?

A: Only if you are doing the skills evaluation with us do you need to bring your old card.  Additionally, you will need a photo I.D. for the skills test. If you are attending a class, (initial or renewal) you do not need to bring anything!

Q: Do you ever make “house calls”? I have a special situation where I am unable to attend a public class.

A: YES! We do private classes for special situations! In addition to the course fee, we charge $35-$100 (depending on how far we travel to you). We will come to you at your home or work, and do a private class for small groups. Please contact our office to make arrangements for this special service.

Q: What happens if I need a replacement card? Do you keep a copy?

A: At the time of training, you receive the ONLY copy of your card. We do not make copies. A replacement card may be issued once your attendance has been verified. This process can take up to 5 business days to complete. Replacement cards are $15 and can be ordered at the very bottom of our home page. We highly recommend making a copy of your card and keeping it in a safe place after it is issued!

Q: How do I know what course I need to take?

A: Typically, if you are working in or going to school to study any type of healthcare discipline (nursing, physical therapy, dental assistant or hygiene, radiology, surgery technician etc….), you need the BLS Provider certification. If you are taking CPR for any other need, such as daycare provider, boat captain, personal training, coaching, etc.,  you will likely need the Heartsaver CPR/AED certification. It is best to speak with your employer, school or whomever is requiring you to have the training prior to registering with us for a class. You can always call our office with any and all questions!

Q: I do not want to use a credit card for payment. Do I have any other option?

A: While we do prefer for students to register and pay for their class ahead of time, as a payment confirms your seat in the class, alternative arrangements can be made; we can accept cash at the time of class. Please call our office prior to the class to make arrangements for a cash payment.

We also accept corporate checks when payment terms, such as Net 30, are agreed upon prior to the scheduled class.

Q: What if I need to cancel? Do I lose my payment? Can I reschedule?

A: We understand things happen! In most cases, with notice, we will allow you to reschedule to a different class date/time/location within 30 days of your original registration date. You can also refer to our cancellation/ refund policy. You will be able to read this policy prior to completing your registration.

Q: If I/we purchase an AED, who maintains it? Is there anything that must be replaced in the future?

A: The initial purchase of an AED is your biggest expense. However, like most anything, you will need to maintain it to insure it functions properly when you need it!

Depending on the make/model, in 4-7 years you will need to replace the lithium battery that is included with the initial purchase. Electrode pads typically need to be replaced every 2 years. Every make/model is different, so make sure you are aware of your needs when purchasing.

We offer service contracts to make your life easier! We will maintain a record of your needs which includes coming out to check your unit to ensure it is operational, change the battery and/or pads, if needed, and keep the unit up to date with the current recommended standards. If CPR protocols change, we will update your unit to match these changes!