BLS Provider CPR/AED Course Book

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Heartsaver CPR/AED & First Aid Course Book

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Heartsaver CPR/AED Course Book

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Heartsaver First Aid Course Book

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First Aid, CPR & AED standard

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Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens

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The Essentials

TRAUMA SCISSORS: High quality with new hot colors! Choose from: Hot PINK, ORANGE, Irish GREEN, BLACK, Canary YELLOW, Robin Egg BLUE, PURPLE or Royal BLUE

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CPR MASK/BARRIER: Adult, full coverage for mouth and nose, latex free, one-way valve and filter. Comes in resalable clear plastic bag.

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CPR MASK/BARRIER: Small, compact, zippered keychain. Latex free, for adult, child or infant, includes a filter and one-way tube. Kit also includes a pair of latex free gloves.

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STETHOSCOPE Adscope Sprague-1: This stethoscope has a patented valve mechanism that virtually eliminates acoustic leakage, a proprietary chestpiece key which facilitates diaphragm replacement, and a gasket sealed system for incredible security. Includes interchangable chestpiece fittings, an accessory pouch complete with bell chetpieces, spare diaphragms and two pairs of ear pieces. Additionally features internal spring binaurals with reinforcing yoke, precision machined parts and Adsoft earpieces for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal.

A lightweight version of the Classic Sprague. Retains all the features without the bulk. Limited 5 year warranty, 31.5 in length. Color choices include: Purple (shown), Black, Dark Green, Royal Blue, and Navy.

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ADSCOPE-lite™ Stethoscope

  • Combination adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from lightweight aluminum
  • Extra large 1 3/8″ diameter bell
  • Highly sensitive 13/4″ diaphragm
  • Non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rim for patient comfort
  • Internal spring binaurals are fixed at a 15º angle
  • Custom molded 22″ PVC tubing
  • Adsoft™ PVC eartips (large size) and spare diaphragm included
  • Weighs just 4.5 oz.
  • Overall length 31″
  • Five year limited warranty

Color choices include: Burgundy, frosted glacier, frosted lilac, frosted seafoam green, black and royal blue.

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Ambu® SPUR® II Disposable Resuscitator (Bag Valve Mask)

  • Unique single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
  • Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression
  • Thin-walled compression bag allows for lung compliance and “feel”
  • SafeGrip™ surface for secure handling in stressful environments
  • Medication port permits quick medication delivery without disconnecting the Ambu SPUR II from the ET tube
  • The Ambu SPUR II adult, pediatric and infant versions delivers one hand stroke volumes of 800 ml (1100 ml with two hands), 450mL and 150mL, respectively
  • All Ambu SPUR II resuscitators come in individual, resealable plastic carrying bags, complete with one or more masks and any special accessories. The bags themselves are color-coded for fast identification of infant, pediatric, and adult sizes.

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firstaidkitcontentsThe “MEGA” first aid kit:

Great for the week trip out camping, boating, hunting, named “mega” due to the mega amount of what is packed into this great well designed fanny pack. Comfortable enough to wear all day, or throw and stow. Over 85 pieces in all. Water resistant and durable.

Measures: 11” x 7” x 2” (expanding to 5” when stuffed).
Contains: View Contents

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This kit is also available as “OSHA approved” with several additional items added for self protection of bloodborn issues.

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The “MINI MEGA” first aid kit:

Good for the day trip out on a hike, bike ride, kayak or small boat, named “mini mega” due to its small, compact size, yet carries al mega amount of everything you could need! Over 65 pieces in all. Water resistant and durable.

Measures: 9” x 5” x 1” (expanding to 4” when stuffed)
Contains: View Contents

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AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) and related products

Auto_sm_0Lifeline_sm_72dpi_0Defibtech Lifeline AED and Defibtech Lifeline AUTO (see more details)

The Lifeline AED has a simple two button user interface, clear, calm voice prompts, brightly lit progress lights and actively illuminated status indicator.

  • DCF –A100 Lifeline semi automatic with 5 year battery $1245.00
  • DCF-A110 Lifeline semi automatic with 7 year battery $1295.00
  • DCF-A120 Lifeline FULLY automatic with 5 year battery $1295.00
  • DCF-A130 Lifeline Fully automatic with 7 year battery $1345.00

View_sm_0Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED (see more details)

The Lifeline VIEW AED is the first and only AED with a full-color interactive display that shows step-by-step videos for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation.

  • DCF-A231 Lifeline VIEW with 4 year battery $1595.00
  • (For replacement battery or pads, use DCF-2003 in accessories)

ECG_sm_0Defibtech Lifeline ECG AED (see more details)

The Lifeline ECG AED shows the professional user everything they need to know about the patient: ECG, heart rate, number of shocks delivered and elapsed rescue time.

  • DCF-A2460EN Lifeline ECG AED with standard 4 year battery $2245.00
  • (For replacement battery or pads, use DFC-2003 in accessories)

Defibtech Parts and Assessories

DCF-200 Lifeline replacement battery 5 year $149.00
DCF-210 Lifeline replacement battery 7 year $199.00
dbp-2003 BATTERY
DCF-2003 Standard 4 year replacement battery $179.00

DAC-410 Lifeline Lithium 9V battery $9.00
DDP-100 Replacement adult pad pack $59.00
DDP-200P Replacement pediatric pad pack $99.00
DDP2001 $59
DDP-2002P Lifeline replacement pediatric pads $99.00

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.44.54 AMPhilips HeartStart OnSite AED

Crafted by one of the leaders in the industry, the Philips HeartStart OnSite defibrillator showcases all the best features of Philips AED products. Designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment, this Philips AED is available without a prescription and is one of the most reliable defibrillators available, designed for easy home and office use. The Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is designed to be fast to learn and easy to use. You can be confident that the device will talk you through each step of its use in an emergency

  • M5066A Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 unit only $1199.00
  • M5066A- CO2 Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 with slim case $1229.00
  • M5066A-CO3 Same with standard case to hold extra’s $1299.00
  • M5066A-RO1 Heartstart Onsite HS1 with stardard case & spare adult pads $1349.00

Philips HeartStart FRx AED


  • 861304 Philips HeartStart FRx AED unit only $1559.00
  • Above with carry case option: $1649.00
  • FRx Ready pack $1729.00

PHILIPS parts and accessories

M5070A Philips HeartStart OnSite replacement battery $164.00
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98980319261 Philips Heartstart FRx adult SMART pads II replacement pack $54.00
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M5071A Philips Heartstart OnSite Adult Pads cartridge replacement pack $65.00
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M5072A Philips Heartstart OnSite Infant/Child pads cartridge replacement pack $105.00


HEARTSINE Brand AED’s and accessories


  • PAD-BAC Hearstine Samaritan AED unit with Carry case (includes one adult padpack) $1255.00
  • PAD-SYC Hearstine Samaritan AED unit, with 2 padpacks $1320.00
  • PAD-PEC Heartsine Samaaritan AED unit with carry case, one set adult padpack, and one set pediatric padpack $1375.00

Heartsine replacement parts and accessories


Heartsine Padpacks include battery and pads. Both have a long 4 year life.

  • PAD-PAK01 Adult replacement pack $155.00
  • PAD-PAK02 Pediatric replacement pack $200.00


We also carry replacement batteries and pads for Cardiac Science Brand

Powerheart battery

Adult replacement pads

Pediatric replacement pads

AED Cabinets

rc5000-cabinet trimline-cabinet

These cabinets are high quality steel with 9V battery operated alarm (and /or strobe) that operatess when door opens. Holds most all size AED units.

  • Trimeline AED cabinet with alarm $199.00
  • RC5000 AED cabinet with alarm and strobe $249.00

AED Signs

Signs are heavy duty shatter-proof PVC for strength and durability. Large size and bold graphics attract attention. Predrilled for easy installation.

Flat sign: 9”x 11.5”

Buy Now – $30 (+ free shipping)

Triangle sign: 6.5” x 7.75”

Buy Now – $35 (+ free shipping)

L shape: 7” x 10”

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